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Signs of Creativity started as just a little hobby shop in our garage and developed into this online sign and gift store. We produce a wide variety of items, so if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for send us an email. Chances are we can create that special custom piece you had in mind!

About: About Us

All of our products start as an idea, whether that is a gift for friends and family or promotional materials for a company. Once the idea is shared with us, we can take the idea to our design team to create the project.

After spending some time in the design studio, we will provide a proof/preview for the customer's approval. Sometimes we will offer different options and work with the customer to tweak the design to make the idea really come alive.


Once the design is ready to go, we get to work finishing the project. Our shop uses standard tools such as table saws, miter saws, hand routers but the main workhorses are our CNC router and laser to create professional-looking letters, 3D reliefs, 2D designs, and logos.

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